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Established in year 2002 five Lanparty events toke place under the name Daddelrunde

After the Daddelrunde 5 with capacity up to 150 guests and the initially planed Daddelrunde 6 never could be realized, we decided to close the portal in 2008. Time is changing and most parts of the Orga moved forward to other things in life.

Reviews (german text only) and some impressions can be found below in the links section.

Thanks to all member, friends and visitors of TeamPaul and the Daddelrunde.

We always had a lot of fun around here.Some of you we might meet on the battlefields of the online gaming universe but don't forget: no battle no glory :-).

Special greetings to Cap6oof one of the most involved guests of DR 4+5.

Members of TeamPaul / Daddelrunde

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